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You may be wondering where my objects are. If you're from ModTheSims2, you're probably here looking to download for the objects that were taken off MTS2. As of this weekend, you'll have to go to The Sims Resource for that.
My original plan was to offer all my objects here, for free, and just ask for optional donations. However, TSR has contacted me and offered a very generous deal. I turned them down at first, but after some negotiation, their final offer was simply irrefusable. I hope you'll understand :)

This doesn't mean i'll no longer be offering objects to the public, though. Some of my objects that will require extensive beta testing, or the help of the experts at MTS2, will remain free and available on MTS2.

So basically, no downloads (at this time) are going to be available at this site. There probably won't be a whole lot of updates for now either.

Got the Item Request, Donate, and Downloads pages set up. The objects themselves aren't up yet though, should be tomorrow.

Most of the site is up and running. No downloads in the download section yet, though. Those will come soon. I'm working on the logo right now; I need to incorperate "Meshes" somewhere in the logo, as the site is called Sims2 Meshes.

Site up. Nothing here yet :)
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