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Frequent Answers:
1) Possibly. I can create an object for you if you visit and comply to the Item Request page.

2) No, sorry, I'm not interested in hosting my objects on your mod website...unless you have something worthy to offer in return.

3) No, I don't know why your object isn't working. If it's one of my objects, send me an e-mail with the symptoms, and some of your basic system specs. If it's an object you've created yourself, visit Mod The Sims2 forums for tutorials and help.

4) Yes, all my objects are compatible with the upcomming Sims2 Expansion Pack. They are all color enabled, which means you can make recolors of them. Just make sure to read the user agreement before you download any of my objects and note the bullet about recolors.

5) To create custom objects you need decent 3D modeling and texturing skills, two programs called SimPE and MeshTool, and lots of patients. You can download SimPE from here, and the MeshTool from here.
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